If you're not female or non-binary but want to support the cause, there are plenty of ways to do that. Here are some ways you can improve gender inclusion.


Use Your City's List

If you'ra active in a meetup, tell your meetup organizers about WeSpeakToo and encourage them to plan their speaker schedules around the cause. Ask them to go out of their way to include one more female speaker than you did last year. Ask how you can support them in that!


Share Your City's List

It’s only as good as the women on it. Share this with women and non-binary people in your life that you think are or would make great speakers. Or use the links in the footer to blast it on social media.


Commit to Change

Ask your meetup leaders to write gender inclusion values and practices into the code of conduct, as are a very easy way to think about and show your meetup's commitment to diversity. Code for America provides a great starting point for meetups and organizations to tweak.



Repeat the meetup speaker analysis for your own city, and start a WeSpeakToo list to help close the gap!