Women and non-binary individuals are woefully underrepresented as speakers at professional technology events as shown by recent research in Washington, DC and Austin. This lack of representation can have far-reaching effects. Marginalized groups miss out on opportunities to be presented as leaders or experts in their fields. They are less likely to feel welcome to such groups, missing out on valuable learning and networking opportunities. We want everyone to know that we speak too.

Select a city below to see the data on women and non-binary speakers in your area and a list of individuals ready and willing to speak at your next tech event.

What can you do?

  • Add your name. Read why you should be on your city's list. Look at your city's page to see how you can join.
  • Share this with women and non-binary people in your life that you think are or would make great speakers.
  • And if you're an event organizer, consult this list for your next event.

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