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The Story

Women and non-binary individuals are woefully underrepresented as speakers at professional technology events, as shown by recent research in Washington, DC and Austin. This lack of representation can have far-reaching effects.

If you are interested in working to analyze meetup data for Denver and Boulder, please let us know!

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The List

This is a list of women and non-binary people in and around Denver, CO who are interested in speaking at local tech and data professional events.

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Not sure if you should?

HINT: You should.

Public speaking is a great skill to have. Speaking at a professional event can help:

  • establish yourself in the field,
  • expand your skill base,
  • make new connections,
  • looks great on a resume to boot.

Giving a talk is also one of the best ways to solidify knowledge. Beyond personal benefits, the very presence of women and non-binary speakers at professional events can help promote diversity, dispel notions of what an “expert” looks like, and encourage others to join the field or take a more visible role.

Dispelling some common myths:

You don’t need to be an expert to speak on a subject. In fact, sometimes it’s the best way to learn something new! You might not even have found your footing yet.

One recent tech meetup was a fresh-out-of-undergrad giving a talk on finding a job and his way in the industry.

You don’t need to have every column filled to be on this list. Don’t have a twitter account? Don’t have a language or software to add? That’s okay!

There is no baseline for a talk to be “techy” enough. Don’t think your talk or knowledge is “techy” enough? Nonsense! There are many, many backgrounds fit for a good data or tech talk - project management, media, design, and more.

Public speaking isn’t as scary as you think, and you might even like it. I promise!

Practice can prove that. Start where you like, maybe a smaller meetup or roundtable discussion. It definitely won’t be a nightmare; you definitely won’t be naked. You can do it!

Now that you're convinced, add yourself to the list!